Friday, January 25, 2013

Heavy Metal...Yoga rocks

Since my last post I received results from my recent lab work . The news ROCKS :)

I've been requesting lab work every 3 months to see how the metal levels in my body are doing since my surgery. If you remember, my Chromium and Cobalt levels (metals that were sloughed off from my metal on metal hip replacement prosthesis)  were the culprits in causing the metallosis in my body. The metallosis is what was causing inflammation,  pain, and tissue and bone destruction on the right side of my body. Well the good news is my Chromium levels are normal and my Cobalt levels are just just slightly elevated. YAY! I have been so worried about what harm these metals continue to do to my body and what long term affects they may have on me going forward. It's somewhat reassuring to know that my body has successfully purged the toxins - of course there is still the worry of the long term affects - but hey - I will live in the moment and be happy with the lab results.

I owe some of the purging of these metals to my constant yoga practice. Throughout this ordeal, I maintained a practice (even if it was only one or two poses) to help my body get rid of all the bad stuff (for lack of a better word) resulting from the metals and the after affects of surgery.

Especially important in my recovery process and toxin purging  are the Yoga twist postures. Twists act like a sponge - in the sense that the twist poses squeeze and then soak the organs and tissues. New blood and oxygen are able rush in to nourish those areas thereby allowing any built up toxins to be released and eventually eliminated from the body. Twists keep the organs and tissues soft and flexible so that each area is better able to carry out its "job" as it was designed to.

In today's sedentary lifestyles (TV, driving, school, sitting at desks, video games, texting etc...) our body doesn't move and twist like it should and the organs and tissues harden, shorten, and and eventually find it more difficult to carry out their essential duties. Twists (and Yoga in general) keep the body supple, flexible and balanced.

Yoga is a powerful tool for rehabilitating the body and the mind. My lab results are just once example of how Yoga can assist us in our pursuit of a healthy body, mind and spirit.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Happy New Year - and other good things for 2013

We'll it's a new year - YIPPEE! I don't want to ever sound unappreciative of the life I've been given, but I'm pretty sure that I could have done without the 2nd half of 2012. So as I ponder about how thankful I am to be kicking 2012 to the curb, I also realize the many lessons I have learned, the good people I have had a met over the past year and how fortunate I am for my family and friends.

let's start with the lessons I've learned:
1. Sometimes a fresh start ends up being a quick ending.
2. As you get older, your body does exactly what it wants to - regardless of all the things you do/did to prevent those things from happening.
3. Patience really does have its rewards - even if they do take too friggen long to get there!
4. If you're a person who has always persevered in the things that you want to do and come hell or high water managed to muscle your way through to make your goal, eventually you will encounter something you can't just muscle through. So stop torturing yourself and accept it - continue to persevere - but understand that it will take longer than you want to reach your goal this time.

 The Good People I've met - during the two and 1/2 months that I had my studio open I had the good fortune to meet some amazing people who were Yoga enthusiasts. Many of them still keep in contact with me and I am grateful for their kind words and actions through all my drama this past year. In general I've come to find that my Yoga peers and friends are probably the nicest people I've ever met in my 51 years.

My Doctor - Dr. Donaldson, who I am grateful for, for removing the poisonous prosthetic from my body and his ever encouraging words about how well I am doing. He is a kind man, who is very busy - but his bedside manner and gift of his undivided attention to me when I am with him, make him an extraordinary person in my book.

The Physical therapists at beaver Medical Clinic - who were challenged with my unique situation, but kept looking for answers to why my recovery was not progressing as quickly as it should have been. They were real professionals who inspired me to work hard and lifted my spirits when I did not want to work at all!

Friends & Family - who have seen me at my best and worst this year. My daughter Olivia and Husband Jay who bore much of the brunt of my care after the surgery. They have put up with my miserable sick self, sad and depressed pathetic self and my angry and pissed self for a good part of the second part of the year. Both of them never complained and graciously loved me through the good and bad. For that I am eternally grateful. I love you both!

As for my friends - and you all know who you are - thank you for your never ending words of encouragement and listening to my pathetic tales of woe during my recovery. You never complained about my incessant whining about this and that and how unfair life was. I love you.

Lastly - my Yoga students. You never ever questioned that I would be back to teach you Yoga again. You all knew I would be (even when I thought no way for sure) and you waited until I was better and able to teach you - and you know what? You all came back. Thank you - this means more than you could ever know.

So in spite 2012 being a mixed bag of adventures and life altering events - it turned out that there was much I needed to learn to help out in 2013!