Tuesday, December 18, 2012

6 months post surgery - status update

Wow - It's been 2 months since my last post. Time really does fly when your trying to recover from THR revision surgery. I'll give everyone a little update.

Today is exactly six month post surgery. For the most part I am recovering well - with a few hiccups - but according to my surgeon - things are going along great. He looks at me with great pride at all the things I am doing - he is quite proud of himself. HA!

I , on the other hand can't wait until I feel completely normal again. Not to say that I'm not cycling again, practicing Yoga and resuming my normal activities - because for the most part I am. But, I'd be lying if I said that everything feels perfect and that I can do everything I want to - because it doesn't - and I can't. I still have aches and pains in that hip and back area - which of course freak me out (is this hip not working either? Are my muscles ever going to be right after all that metal in the tissue? What other damage did the metal leakage cause?). My strength level is still lacking in that buttock area and my sciatica is bothering me. Dr. said this is all normal, that the soft tissue will take up to 1-2 years to completely heal after the invasive surgery he performed and  scar tissue will cause the sciatica to flare up (lovely!). I guess the most worrisome of it all is what long term affect the metal will have on my body and what will I do in 20 years when this revised hip prosthetic wears out? They can't really do a third replacement on the same hip so it may be the scooter for me!

I'm getting restless! I need to make an income to help my family out financially! I realize I need a purpose during this crazy time in my life - so I can stop worrying about things that might happen or that I can't control!

So, I'm planning on returning to the YMCA to teach part time after the first of the year. I begin teaching a class for Seniors at the UCR Extension starting in January as well as a class at an assisted living community in San Bernardino. My doctor advised volunteering to teach until then to see how my body will react to the teaching and being on my feet etc.

I can't foresee me re-opening my studio at least for another 6 months. My body is just not ready for that. I also am not ready to make that commitment in case something goes wrong during recovery at this time. As disappointed as that makes me - I know that I need to be patient with my healing. Now is NOT the time to move forward with that decision. I'm hoping that by my one year anniversary I  will feel better (mentally & physically) and sufficiently recovered to make long term career decisions about my future.

Until then, I'll go with the flow. Practice acceptance and patience and be grateful with my progress each day.