Monday, April 15, 2013

10 months post surgery update NEWS

It has been 10 months since my total hip replacement revision surgery - and almost 2 months since my last blog post. Here is the latest on my progress. I'll discuss the news, then the better news.

News -
I am still struggling with full use of my right hip. Muscle atrophy as a result of the metal ions that leaked into my hip area, have caused some external hip rotation issues that continue to plague me. I'm getting more strength little by little, but it is a slow and frustrating process. Thank goodness for my Acupuncturist Lester Bahn - his 2x monthly sessions continue to break up scar tissue and improve my circulation in that area. I can now go for almost two weeks between sessions and feel relatively normal. Stairs are still a struggle and some standing yoga poses test my strength limits. Hiking and being on my legs for an extended period of time causes a lot of discomfort and frankly is not worth the pain and suffering for days afterward. Hoping that gets better so I can get to Yosemite again and enjoy a day at Disneyland!

As a result of the revision surgery, my right leg is now about 1/2 to 5/8 longer than my left leg. The surgeon was unable to put the new prosthesis in at the same angle as the last which resulted in a significant leg length differentiation. Because of this, my hips are out of alignment and my sacroiliac joints hurt most of the time. My sciatica on the left side has been flaring up as a result of the issue and has been causing me some pain. I've had to have most of my left leg shoes lifted by 1/2 inch to compensate. This is starting to ease some of the discomfort in my back, but seriously limits the kind of shoes I can wear. No more sexy high heels for me!

Better news - 
With the help of a Senior Iyengar Teacher - Manuoso Manos, I have been working with my atrophied muscles and they are getting better! My knees feel better and I can move in and out of my Yoga poses more easily (still not great - but much better)  :) This is such a relief because I was almost ready to give up my standing pose practice as a result of all the pain I was having on the right side and SI joint.

I'm back to teaching at the YMCA (4 classes a week) and started teaching a Mature Learner class at UCR. I'm slowly starting classes at my home studio (as I feel better and stronger and more capable of teaching additional classes). I won't be looking for a new place to lease for a "real studio" for a while. I am just not healed enough to sign an extended lease and stress my body by teaching more and running a business. Maybe in 2014? Who knows?

I do know that I am a little anxious about starting another studio for fear that something will go wrong again and I'll have to close another studio. I feel like my initial momentum has been completely interrupted - and getting that sense of purpose and drive back to open my studio again eludes me right now.  I'm hoping it comes back about the time I am healed so I can re-open my studio and work towards a fulfilling and financially secure future.

Until then, I'll keep working on my own enlightenment. Pushing through the mental chatter that tries to sidetrack me and push me down the path of negativity. When those thoughts come up - I've learned to breathe and think how blessed I am that I came out on the other side of this whole catastrophe. My surgeon told me at my last visit about a lady in Canada who died from the metal poisoning from her metal on metal hip. Yes - my story could have been much worse - although there are times that I want to give up especially on days when my body feels 800 years old.

Will I get all my strength back? I don't know. Will I re-open my studio? I don't know. I will persevere - that much I do know.

Namaste' Friends.