Sunday, November 30, 2014

India - travels and day one

I'm happy to report that travels to India were un-remarkable! YAY! we made it to Mumbai, there was a car waiting for us and a room ready for us at the hotel. There were several times during our pre-trip planning that these three components were in question. so I'm happy to say that all worked out as planned.
So everyone's first question is about the toilets in India. Well here is one the airport. It looks just like the toilets in America except for that butt sprayer next to it. So far I haven't seen any toilets that are just "holes" but if I do I'll be sure to snap a picture.

Amy, Alice, Xuan and Tammy at the
Iyengar institute Pune India.
The true highlight of the day was the visit to the Iyengar Institute in downtown Pune. BKS's legacy was everywhere.  Just being in the same room as he once was, teaching, practicing, inventing, posing and reposing made me giddy with joy.

BKS's chair in the library. The whole room
was these shelves
lined with books, Incredible
Tammy and Amy at the institute
As Tammy and I cruised around we saw a sign that said "library". So we decided to check it out. Down a flight of stairs and there was the desk where BKS Iyengar would sit and speak with students or do additional research. Since his passing in August, they have placed a picture of him in the chair. Although he is gone, his presence is still very much alive.

Statue of Patanjali at the institute
Students shoes in front of the institute
Tomorrow we start classes at the Balewadi Sports Complex here in Pune. Just me and 1000 of my favorite Yogis! Should be exciting to see and feel the energy. Maybe with so many Yogis being mindful and balanced we can bring a little more peace into the world.

Well India/California time is starting to catch up with me. So I will sign off. Tomorrow I'll share adventures in taxis and shopping in Pune! HA - I'm seriously shocked that we all lived!

View of Iyengar Institute from the front



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