Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Day Four India - many adventures thus far!

So I have been in India four days now. I have some news to share. Those of us who live in the states have no idea how fortunate we are and how grateful we should be.

2nd story dilapidated buildings and below
are open businesses
 We live in the land of plenty. If we want something we run down to the store or open the cupboard and get what we want. Who knew that clean air, drinkable water, ICE, BEEF, roads with stop signs, stop lights and traffic lights, clean sidewalks and clean cities were a luxury? We don't have to go through metal detectors at hotels or stores and we could never imagine a constant presence of police and local military. Packs of stray dogs (not vicious- tame), beggars and shanti towns aren't just in poor areas but seem to infiltrate even the more modest neighborhoods. Needless to say - this place is an eye opening experience for a small town Redlands girl. All of you reading this should be thankful for what you have!

Old woman on street near businesses
The traffic here is pure mayhem! There is no reason or rhyme to how people drive. Cars, bikes, motorcycles, scooters (many with 4 people on them including small children) pedi cabs,  buses, pedestrians all travel on the same road at the same time. They communicate with their car horns - it's like some kind of morse code that clearly I do not understand! If I lived here I would NEVER drive. I can't even look while our driver takes us to our venue! Just this evening it was like Mr. Toads wild ride. Oncoming traffic, on both sides of the road - I have to cover my eyes and all the ladies laugh at me while I just crack up from the absurdity of it all!

The venue day one
Even in the midst of all this craziness, I am having a fabulous time. Studying with 1000 Yoga students and teachers and taking classes facilitated by the Iyengar family. This is a dream come true. People from all over the world coming together to practice the centuries old art of Yoga. I am in Yoga nirvana!

All of us at the Institute. Picture of BKS in background

The yoga classes have been exceptional  and todays class was close to brutal. 3 hours of asana is tough for even the most conditioned Yogi - I'm wondering how I will feel by day 10! I now understand how coming to India to study Yoga for a month or 2 at a time can transform your practice. These Iyengar teachers and their ability to take you deeper into a pose is beyond mere words. Liberating, humbling, exciting, transforming - and so much more.

Banner of BKS Iyengar in

I am beginning to feel the after effects of today's class and my harrowing taxi ride - so I will close for now. Namaste' and what ever tomorrow brings you - enjoy your journey - and be grateful for what you have- because a lot of people have very little.




  1. I always try to remember how lucky I am! very eager to hear about your yoga experience and the whole trip. Namaste' Dot

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